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We are not talking about just simple furniture for children’s bedrooms but real “sets” and furnishings specifically designed to meet a child’s need for play and well-being.

The choice is quite wide and anyone approaching the world of design for children for the first time might find it difficult to combine objects, colours and materials in the best way. With that in mind, we created this guide which will help you to organise spaces in a way which is both functional and aesthetic in line with the latest trends.


Designing a space dedicated to children is a great opportunity to feel free to try new ideas and experiment a little more with original colours and textures.

– A good choice is using solid colours, better if pastel. In this case, here are some really great combinations to use as an alternative to traditional colours like pink and blue.

– you can experiment with colours adding shapes and patterns, either using different colours or opting for some wallpaper, an element which is coming back in vogue this year and can give a unique style to any room.

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– you can stimulate the imagination of your children using stencils or a blackboard-effect colour, letting them be true artists and the real protagonists of their room!

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The most important aspect to consider when designing spaces in the house, especially the areas destined for your children is the choice of materials which, according to our standards, must be as natural and environmentally sustainable as possible.

That is wood, cardboard, natural fabrics, cork etc.


Everyone knows children love playing, inventing stories and new adventures, so why not use furniture to create private corners in your house for them to explore and have fun?

– the perfect hiding place

kids' room

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– a reading corner within easy reach. According to Maria Montessori, one of the main rules for decorating a space destined for children is that they have all the objects they need within easy reach. Children must learn to be independent and be able to live their own space freely without having to ask for help from an adult to perform simple actions.


The key word is… softness! It’s absolutely important to add carpets, cushions, all kinds of colourful and soft seats.

kids' room

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kids' room

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It does not matter if we are talking about wall lights, bedside lights or desk lights, they should never be too bright. Remember not to exceed 100 W for the total lighting and 30 W for table lighting.

kids' room

Light ballon by Bris KlimeK

KIDS' room

Whimsical Table Lamp by Leanter

For the smaller ones, you can also opt for battery-powered lamps which offer greater safety and avoid the use of electrical outlets at a low height.

Finally, here is a list of websites where you can find more ideas and sources of inspiration.


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