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The new home linens by Society Limonta for the bedroom zone, the table and the bath, show a new range of colours based on natural materials: water, earth and plants. In line with the company’s philosophy, the new collection is made up of independent items, to combine and overlay according to a personal style, creating cosy and luxurious atmospheres. Trust your instincts and be true to your own style. Your home should be an extension of your own quirks and passions.

Limonta pioneered the ideal of ‘dressing’ your bed, table or bathroom, to suit your personality and style — the concept of layering with different weights of sheet, cloth or towel; combining colours; adding pattern, and absolutely revelling in texture”

In the bedroom you can tell your story by juxtaposing horizontal layers: Nap and Rein are the names of the specific line, enhanced by two bed sheets with jacquard patterns, cushions in ramiè with romantic and floral prints, and the evergreen mono blanket, a blend of wool and alpaca with bouclè workmanship.

The new collections for the table – Mix and Spot – creates sophisticated settings even in the most informal situations, while the latest creation for the bath is a double bath towel with a forceful design aspect: a crepe effect on one side, and fine terry  on the other.

The company’s philosophy is ‘Never settle for anything less’. As it puts it, this means, being daring and experimental, carefully selecting the best of fabrics, and discovering new and unusual textile combinations.


Bed cover and pillowcases,throw in Alpaca Bouclè- Photo by Limonta

Bed cover and pillowcases, throw in Alpaca Bouclè – Photo by Limonta

Bed cover and pillowcases, throw 100% wool- Photo by Limonta

Bed linen and pillowcases, throw 100% wool- Photo by Limonta

Throw in Alpaca Bouclè – £410 ,  Nodo Throw 100% wool – £410,   Single Throw 100% wool – £120

table linens

Table linen- Photo by Limonta

Bath mat and towel – Photo by Limonta


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